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succeed in motion


The NorthSouth clothing concept reignited the relationship between South African siblings when they moved abroad and persued their lives in different countries. He moved aborad to Berlin while she continued her journey in Switzerland. With her background in Fashion and his experience in marketing they created the NorthSouth brand. In 2019 they launched their label with a number of knitwear garments and Team NorthSouth was born.


The brand has based their aesthetic on classic styles which remain timeless.


The incorporation of jewel tones: navy blue; crimson red and ivory white will be set in stone as the label continues to develop.


NorthSouth Clothing brand draws inspiration from various lifestyles encompassing prestige sport codes, as well as the perseverance it takes to succeed in any motion in life that drives an individual.


Our vision is to create a range of essential pieces which cater for individuals who want to remain stylised without having to make a huge transition in individual style over the years to come. The quality speaks for itself and fine attention to detail adds to its authenticity.


We have designed an elegant and comfortable range that you could wear to a casual picnic or a stroll in the park! Alternatively dress it up to attend a dinner at the clubhouse or any other formal occasion. 


The defined lines are that of a preppy look with a modern take to keep heads turning and you looking good.​

The cotton blend has been specifically chosen to lengthen the lifespan of the garment and to maintain its shape.​

The v-neckline and its contrast colours are unique in how they create a distict signature look which can be identified as a NorthSouth item.​

The NorthSouth logo is always on the garment in contrast or base colour for those who prefer more subtle branding.

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